Help us build the new Andy’s Unity Park

The Parks Foundation and Roseland residents are actively fundraising
to help bring the dream of Andy’s Unity Park to fruition. 

andys-unity-park_planAndy’s Unity Park will be a neighborhood park providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and community activities for neighborhood youth and residents.

Sonoma County Regional Parks is collaborating with residents of the Roseland neighborhood to build a new park and playground, called Andy’s Unity Park, at the corner of Moorland and West Robles Avenues. Regional Parks staff has worked with neighbors to create a Master Plan for the park, which will include a playground, skate plaza, basketball court, turf field, memorial space, picnic area, dog park, restrooms and more.

Andy’s Unity Park grew from a community’s commitment, perseverance and belief in the healing power of a park.  The plan for the park remembers the life of Andy Lopez, who was tragically killed at the site, and also celebrates and nurtures community unity and youth empowerment.

You can contribute today to Andy’s Unity Park by clicking here and selecting “Andy’s Unity Park” as the designated fund. All donations to this fund will be directed specifically to benefit Andy’s Unity Park.

The Moorland Healthy Neighborhood Plan created with the Neighborhood Advisory Team identified “creating a park” and “creating safe places for children to play” as two of the highest priorities for the neighborhood. The creation of Andy’s Unity Park will make this possible, satisfying a long term need for the neighborhood.


We need your help to make Andy’s Unity Park a reality! Donations are accepted at any level, and sponsoring opportunities are available for specific items such as:

andys-park-7Shade tree or group of trees
Picnic area or single picnic tables
Mural wall project
Basketball court
Shade structures
Built in seat walls
Skate spot
Portion of park pathway

The components listed above were identified as highly desirable over a series of several community meetings hosted by Regional Parks. These scoping sessions were held at the site and were attended by dozens of concerned citizens over a period of several months.  In addition to these features, an active group is specifically fundraising to build a beautiful community garden.  For information on sponsorship opportunities or the community garden campaign, please contact us today!

Let’s work together to build Andy’s Unity Park!

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