Online Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation Board of Directors Candidate Questionnaire

Board Application

Application for Board Member Postion
  • Employment Business Dates Employed Position Education School Major Graduation/Degree Community Service Experience Organization Dates Served Position
  • Appointees will be required to take an oath of office, and, by their signature on this application, acknowledge that they will comply with section 1.15 of the Foundation Bylaws: “Conflict of Interest. No member of the Board of Directors shall be interested in any contract made by it, or be purchaser or vendor in connection with, any sale or purchase made by the Corporation.” 

  • Applications will be kept on file for two years. All applications are available to the public.
    Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation, 2300 County Center Dr., #120A, Santa Rosa, CA 95403, or fax (707) 579-8247. Questions? Email Melissa Kelley, executive director, at