Campaign for Doran Regional Park

The Parks Foundation is thrilled to announce our Campaign for Doran Regional Park! We’ve embarked on an exciting collaboration with Sonoma County Regional Parks to raise funds for a slate of priority improvements at Doran, one of the most beloved and heavily used parks in our system. In 1967, Doran was the very first Sonoma County park to open, and since that time it has seen enormous growth. It’s time to show it a little love! To contribute, click the button below and designate “Doran Regional Park.”

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Regional Parks’ managers have identified a variety of opportunities for improvements at Doran, with four priority projects listed below. Sponsorships are available to help make these happen. Learn more here.

  • A new trail to Lucas Wharf that will enable pedestrians and cyclists to avoid Highway 1, offering transportation alternatives that increase safety and reduce traffic congestion: Presently, campers and day use visitors have no choice but to get back onto the busy highway in order to venture just a short distance to town. This planned 3-mile long off-road trail will fix that (click on uploaded map or read more here for details). 
  • A temporary Visitor Center and interpretive signs and exhibits that educate park guests about Doran’s remarkable habitats and marine life. The slideshow above is featured in the Visitor Center.  The Visitor Center opened in August 2017 (read more here).
  • An electric ATV that rangers can use to provide rapid assistance for park visitors and wildlife. The unique, protected nature of Doran Beach makes it difficult for rangers to quickly access certain areas when needed with traditional vehicles or on foot. The electric ATV will be versatile, appropriate for the terrain, and low impact.
  • A group barbecue and picnic area to accommodate gatherings of friends, families or school classes.

Will you help us make these wonderful improvements come to life at Doran? Click here to donate, and designate “Doran Regional Park” when you do.

One of Doran’s most inviting features is its wide, 2-mile stretch of beach on Bodega Bay. This unique, crescent-shaped peninsula provides an ideal place for walking, picnicking, playing in the sand, flying kites, surfing, and bird-watching. It’s one of the only places along the Northern California coast where parents can often safely let young children experience ocean water play.

In addition to its day-use activity, more than 120 tent and RV campsites are available year-round. The campgrounds are almost always fully booked, with many families returning year after year for their traditional gathering at the beach. A boat launch provides Bodega Harbor access for sport fishing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and kite surfing, and a jetty at the harbor mouth is a popular spot for rock fishing and exploring sea life.

Do you have a unique passion for this iconic park? If you are moved to support Doran improvements in a significant way, please contact Melissa Kelley, executive director, at (707)565-1830 for sponsorship and naming opportunities, including interpretive signage, group campgrounds, trail sections, and more.